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HQM knows that every wedding is unique and unforgettable, therefore we provide countless options to achieve all the expectations that you, your partner, family and friends have planned for that special day.

As every wedding is unique, every proposal is created according to the preferences and requirements of the happy couple. All together, we create a concept that projects the identity, happiness and joy the couple has for each other to all the guests.

Our wedding planners know that every detail is important to create the perfect wedding. We help you to find and coordinate the suppliers that will deliver perfection to the event. We accomplish this, merging your ideas to our almost 16 years’ experience.

To us, your tranquility will always come first so our staff will always be accessible to create the magic experience with the promptitude and importance required for the event.

If you are looking for a partner with the experience to plan your whole wedding or just to let yourself go and not to worry about any supplier or small details you can rely on the wedding expert, HQM wedding planner.


• Concept design
• Customized projects
• Budget advisor
• Legal and religious proceedings
• Venue selection
• Music and entertainment
• Provider selection
• Flowers and decoration
• Hotel booking
• Wedding web site
• Transportation, lodging, tours, activities and concierge services
• Call center for guest assistance
• All the logistics before, during and after the wedding

HQM always try to give more to their customers through services free of charge like:

• Wedding web site where you will find pictures of the couple, agenda, services, maps and a message center where you can interact with the guests.
• Hotel booking where all guest can find different hotel option at special rates.
• One-night free hotel room for the inspection visit during the mid-week (Does not apply during weekends or holidays)
• Booking and confirmation reports so you can have a better idea of the guests attending to your wedding.

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