Otomí Lake & Villas


Km 2 Camino a San Miguel de Allende Viejo


Phone: (415) 150 0037
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Centurion is a newly incorporated group bringing together key mexican businessmen an international real estate investor and developer Re-invest S.A.
The group is formed by the chairman of the board of Industrias Rihan, a 70 year old company, which is a major manufacturer and distributor of office supplies.

Re-invest S.A. is a Swiss based real estate investor and developer whose principals have been active in real estate for the past 15 years. Currently, REI manages over USD 300 mm of real estate, including development projects in Germany, Switzerland, Jordan and Mexico. REI's principals long experience as senior real estate investment professionals with firms such as Morgan Stanley and Soros Real Estate Partners. They have also managed projects such as a USD 1.1 billion dollar joint venture in Switzerland aproong others.

MG Architects has been active in construction and development in Queretaro and the region for the past two decades. MG Architects has developed over 4,000 homes and is currently working on the Otomí Lake & Villas project, as well as its Las Condes project in Queretaro.