Casa Armida


26 Ancha de San Antonio St. Centro.


Phone: +52 (415) 152 2983


The entrance to Casa Armida is inviting with its stone arches, carved stone and aged wood, slightly unruly greenery, and trickling fountain. But if asked to envisage the store’s contents, I might have unwittingly guessed it was filled with over-priced reproductions intended for expatriates’ vacation homes. After entering the store, however, I was pleased to find that Casa Armida contains an impressive collection of unique and authentic pieces. The multi-levelled store is filled from floor to ceiling with a large variety of curious items lit almost solely by the numerous lamps, lanterns, candelabras, and chandeliers they have for sale. Whether you are looking for a life-sized, gold wooden statue of Jesus or a vintage, U.S. issued gas can, you will likely find it at Casa Armida. I was particularly interested in their reclaimed and recycled furniture and knickknacks