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Hernández Macías No. 111, Centro.


+52 (415) 152 4416 | (415) 152 0187

Vonage from USA: 832 364 6307

San Miguel Management & Real Estate Co. is a full service organization that can assist you with all of your needs and requests. Our team specializes in vacation and long-term HOME RENTALS, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, REAL ESTATE SALES, CONSTRUCTION, REMODELING, MAINTENANCE, IMMIGRATION SERVICES and INSURANCE.

Our team has been taking care of the most beautiful and popular homes in San Miguel for more than thirteen years and is the largest and most experienced Management Company in Town! Most of our 14 employees speak English, and are college graduates. Our Maintenance / Construction manager even has a Masters Degree in Urban Architecture!

Contact us now and let us show you the way we can serve you the best!