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We are experts in furniture rental for events. We love being part of unique moments with the ideal pieces, helping you find and rent what you want for one of the most special day in a couple life.

We grew up surrounded by furniture, wrapped in design, smelling fabrics and woods, feeling textures and prints. Everything, around large mansions, beautiful patios and all the virreynal essence of a city founded in 1542.

This great influence was what inspired us, so since 2013 we created our company "Canela Mobiliario" where we manufacture, rent and sell the furniture you create in your mind and dreams.

San Miguel de Allende saw us being born, as well as see love been born in couples, families and friendships. It attracts Mexicans and foreigners to be our city witness of their unions, celebrations and joys. And so, surrounded by all its beauty is the best place to start writing your own story.

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